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                                                                        Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.  1 Thessalonians 5:11


What type of co-op is MCC? 

MCC co-op is a like-minded group of homeschooling families that co-operate together, meeting weekly for educational enrichment classes and attending activities in the Southern Maryland area. Our classes are thought up, organized, and planned by MCC parents and are based on the interests of the children and parents. These classes are used by families to enrich and enhance the main educational subjects they are doing at home with their children. The opportunities for study are as individual and as unique and creative as the co-op families themselves! 


When do you meet? 

MCC meets weekly on Tuesdays. Our fall semester runs from the beginning of September to the middle of December. Our spring semester runs from the middle of January to the second week of May. We have semester breaks for Thanksgiving week and Easter week with an extended break during the Christmas and New Year holidays.  We meet on Tuesdays from 10am-3:00 pm at Real Life Wesleyan Church in Mechanicsville, MD.


I have never been involved in a co-op before, what is expected of me? 

Every MCC family is required to volunteer to teach, assist another teacher, or help in various ways at least two classes (2 hours) each week. Each family is expected to pitch in to help with setting up and cleaning up during the co-op as needed. There are also many opportunities to get involved with planning field trips, events, or service projects and to add your own special talents to the group. 


Do I have to use a certain curriculum or method of homeschooling at home if I join MCC? 

Absolutely not. What you choose to teach at home is your decision.  All of the classes we teach follow the guidelines in our Statement of Faith and must be approved  with a completed teacher form prior to the first day of classes. Otherwise, it is left to the parents to decide what type of class they want to create at MCC or what method they would like to use to teach it.  Again, our classes are meant to enhance and enrich the main educational subjects you are already teaching your child at home, not to replace them. As a general rule, classes at our co-op are presented in a hands-on, multi-sensory way to the students. Frequently, there are end of semester performances, presentations, or projects by the students of what they have learned in their classes. 


What are the advantages of joining MCC? 

Homeschool co-ops provide the opportunity for group learning and for interaction with peers, the chance to make lifelong friends, the ability to share in the skills and talents of other homeschooling parents, and the place to swap encouragement and resources from other parents. We also do our very best to make classes extremely affordable. Some of our classes are even free! Other benefits:

  • Encouragement, support, & fellowship with like-minded homeschool families

  • Holiday class parties, contests, science fairs, and spirit days

  • MCC sponsored Used Homeschool Curriculum SWAP

  • Field trips and extra learning opportunities

  • Group discounted activities such as bowling and skating

  • Highschool activities inclucing graduation recognitions as desired by MCC members

  • Back to School Social and End of the Year Super Field Day Events

  • MOM's Night Outs

  • Annual MCC Yearbook

Do my children have to take all of the classes or can they pick and choose? 

We find that signing up for the whole day of classes helps children get to know the other children better, as well as letting the parent get to know the other parents. We believe forming relationships with like-minded people is a key to a successful homeschool co-op. One of the best things about co-ops is the connection and interaction with other families. Although, it is not required, we do encourage all our families to make a day of co-op, choose classes that their child would enjoy, and establish relationships and communications which will help to benefit everyone. 


What if my child works above or below grade level? How do I pick which classes are right for my child? 

All of the classes we provide are in age ranges. Preschool begins at 4 years old. Then we have classes broken down for K through 2nd, 3rd through 6th, and 7th and up. But you know your child best. If you have a rising second grader who is struggling then maybe the classes offered for K through 2nd might be a good fit. Or if you have a child who is performing ahead of schedule then you might consider placing them in the 3rd through 6th classes. It is ultimately up to you and the teacher of the class to determine whether or not the class will be a good fit for your child. Feel free to contact the teacher or a member of the board to discuss any concerns you may have prior to registering for a class. We will be happy to work with you to find a good fit for your child! 



What type of classes do you offer? 

Since MCC is completely parent run, classes will vary each year. We love to have a variety to offer including elective and academic classes. We welcome creativity and would love for you to share your talents, expertise, or interests. The possibilities are truly endless and have included some of the following:  fun food crafts, crochet, science experiments, music, health, theology, physical education, life skills, Spanish, writing, science with pets and farm animals, math with legos, art, survival skills, dance, handwriting, and STEAM classes.

When can I enroll in classes?

Once we receive registrations from all of our participants a class schedule will be created.  Week 1 of Enrollment the Board members will be allowed to enroll.  Week 2 of Enrollment the lead teachers will be allowed to enroll.  Week 3 of Enrollment the Class Assistants, nursery workers, and other volunteers will be permitted to enroll. Classes will be on first come first serve basis and may fill up.  All efforts will be made to get your children in the classes they desire by adding them to a waiting list if full. 


Who can participate in co-op classes? 

Classes are available for registered members of MCC and their homeschooled students from Kindergarten thru 12th grade. Nursery and Pre-K are available as a courtesy for younger siblings. At this time, due to limited space, you must have a student enrolled in kindergarten thru 12th grade to utilize the pre-k or nursery.


Do I need a background check? 

Yes. We believe this is the safest course of action for all of our children. Everyone over the age of 18 that is involved with co-op will need to complete a background check. The fee for your background check is included in the registration fee.


Can I drop my children off? 

Sorry, No.   MCC is not a drop off co-op. MCC does not assume legal responsibility for your children. Every child must have at least one responsible adult on the premises at all times. Since we are completely parent run, our classes are taught by the parents and volunteers. Everyone’s help is needed during co-op hours. 


I’m not sure I will be able to commit to co-op attendance, but right now I think I would like to participate. Should I go ahead and register to hold a place? 

We understand that sometimes things come up.  However, please do not register unless you are sure you are able to commit for the entirety of the MCC school year.  There is a waiting list of eager participants willing to make the commitment, so please commit as soon as possible to allow other availability.


How often do I have to volunteer? 

Each family provides one volunteer from their family (mom, dad, etc.) that can commit to being at co-op weekly. That family member will be assigned to 2 hours of volunteer time to teach classes, assist, or help in other ways for each co-op day. With everyone's contribution by volunteering we can be assured that the co-op will be a success for all of our children.


How much does it cost to participate in co-op classes? 

The membership fee is $100. This non-refundable fee covers background checks, group insurance, website costs, and general supplies for cleaning and paper products. Prices for classes vary based on supplies needed for the class. The average cost for each selected class is between $5- $25. We require all co-op class supply fees be paid on time.    


What do I do if I have to miss a day of co-op? 

Please contact your assistant teacher to make arrangements and also a board member as soon as possible.Post your absence on the Facebook page to locate a replacement.  If you are teaching a class it is your responsibility to make sure your assistant has the material to teach the class. 


How do I sign up? 

This question is music to our ears! We LOVE adding new families to our roster! Click on the registration application button on the home page. 



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